The Good Old Dependable, Innovative Cheque Infographic

The Good Old Dependable, Innovative Cheque Infographic

New information in our first of a series of infographics from The TALL Group of Companies analyses cheques in the UK in recent years. This cheque infographic highlights some of the facts and figures surrounding the humble cheque which, despite a reduction in overall use, still plays a major part in the payment landscape here in the UK.

Secure cheque printing

For more details about Secure Cheque Printing go to: TALL Group Secure Cheque Printing

Cheque scanning

Providing a new lease of life for the cheque, the opportunities offered by the ability to scan a cheque and enter its image into the cheque clearing system are being developed here in the UK. However this facility has been in use in large parts of the world for some time. Visit our joint website, with our partner Digital Check, for more information on remote deposit capture. Go to: Remote Deposit Capture website

Cheque Infographic