The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Check Scanners

20th June 2018

Cheque scanners trusted by 22 of the Top 25 Banks in North America

Cheque scanner range

Digital Check takes pride in doing everything they can to earn their customers’ trust – so they are honoured to be the scanner of choice for almost all of the largest banks in North America. Eighteen out of the top 20 banks in the United States, as well as four out of the “Big Five” in Canada, use Digital Check products for teller capture, remote deposit capture, or both.

While that means that you are likely to see one of their scanners at a US bank branch, there’s more to it than that. Since so many of the largest banks use Digital Check products, nearly every major maker of banking software and systems offer support for Digital Check devices. That means even smaller banks and credit unions can be confident that they can use Digital Check equipment (or keep using it) no matter which platform they are using. Most of the mainline products are also certified with the Silver Bullet Ranger® system to allow at-large compatibility even if not supported natively.

A benefit of working with so many big-name banks and software partners is that Digital Check is constantly involved with projects to bring hardware – and software – up to date with the latest standards, and to tackle the issues facing every corner of the industry. Listening to what customers have to say, not only in the USA but worldwide, and hearing about the problems they face every day, has led Digital Check to develop several first-of-their-kind enhancements such as scanner self-cleaning modes, image-enhancement software, geolocation, and vault processing middleware – as well as direct product improvements like modular networking and receipt printing, and optional card readers.

As an industry leader, Digital Check watches trends and developments closely and make sure their equipment is up to the latest standards. All of the main scanners have US Reg CC-compliant endorsement capability and offer a variety of flexible resolutions and capture modes (including greyscale, colour, and even UV image capture), to comply with virtually any international requirement, and also with many forms of security validation.

When you buy a Digital Check scanner, you are not just getting a machine – you are getting all the expertise that comes from these long-standing relationships with the biggest customers and suppliers in the US banking business.

Here at the TALL Group, we are ready to put all of our combined experience to work for you!

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