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Remote Deposit Capture Resources

Tall Group in partnership with Digital Check make Remote Deposit Capture Resources available to support cheque imaging and its application in cheque porcessing.

TALL Group White Papers

Fighting Cheque Fraud in the 21st Century: Cheque Fraud Detection in the New Clearing Model

Written by: Gordon Madgwick, Cheque Consultant,
(ex-Operations Director, Cheque & Credit Clearing Company)

We are currently in the midst of the UK banking industry’s commitment to digitise the paper cheque with the roll-out of the Cheque Imaging Clearing System (ICS), thereby reducing clearing times to the next working day following the cheque being banked on Day 1….

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Cheque Image Clearing System: An Innovative Approach to Defeating Cheque Fraud

Written by: Martin Ruda, Group Managing Director, The TALL Group of Companies

In our first whitepaper of 2019, Fighting Cheque Fraud in the 21st Century: Cheque Fraud Detection in the New Clearing Model, it was explained that whilst volumes have steadily fallen during the 21st century, the cheque is now a modernized and very efficient money transmission option. In fact, just seventeen months ago, this resilient payment instrument perhaps underwent its most significant revamp to date, as the first phase of the highly anticipated Image Clearing System (ICS) came into effect…

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Working Together to Fight Cheque Fraud: Fraud – a Changing Landscape

Written by: The TALL Group of Companies

In terms of recent history, cheque fraud losses peaked in 2008 and during the following 10 years they reduced by more than 85%, far in excess of the decline in cheque volumes over the same period. However, the latest statistics published earlier this year have revealed that cheque fraud losses have increased throughout 2018….

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Digital Check White Papers

The Reappearing Cheque: Why Cheque Usage Is On The Rise in Some Developing Countries

In many Western countries, cheque usage has been declining for decades; the only question is how fast the decline will continue. But in some areas of the world, cheque volumes are holding steady, or even rising, in direct contradiction to the global trend.

Image Quality

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Image Quality: The Quiet Problem That Costs Millions

The great majority of scanned items pass through the system smoothly. However, the bulk of clearing expenses arise from ‘exceptions’ – those images that need manual intervention. Digital Check has produced a white paper intended to help define the scope of image-quality issues and related exceptions that occur in the settlement process, as well as to identify major pain points.

Image Quality

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Ultraviolet Cheque Security: Understanding a new Era of Fraud Prevention

Recent advances in imaging technology have turned ultraviolet (UV) printing into an increasingly popular cheque security feature in which the cheque scanning hardware supports the capture of UV print. While its value as a fraud-prevention tool is a fairly straightforward concept to embrace, actual implementation of UV technologies has varied greatly from region to region, as has the speed of adoption overall. Digital Check carried out a series of interviews with experts  on a broad variety of topics, ranging from ink manufacturing to cheque printing to anti-fraud software.


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Deconstructing The Scanner Speed Wars: Does Faster Mean Better?

In this paper, Digital Check examines the role that cheque scanner speeds play in banking transactions, as well as certain other factors that can help or hinder financial institutions’ efforts to provide a good customer experience in the branch.


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“The Disappearing Check” – A Look at the US Cheque Market 

Cheque usage in the United States has been on the decline for many years, but reliable predictions about the future of the cheque can be hard to come by. Exaggerations and generalities tend to creep into arguments both for and against their continued existence. Some predict that cheques will disappear entirely within a few years; others expect them to continue more or less indefinitely. Who is right? This white paper, produced by Digital Check, is intended to provide some realistic projections about how long cheques will continue to exist in the United States, and in what numbers.


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Case Studies

Cheque Scanning in UK Building Societies 

An increasing number of building societies are using The TALL Group’s Banking Assistant for cheque image capture. As the UK prepares for industry-wide image based clearing, many ‘image ready’ societies are already achieving some of the additional benefits of capturing cheque images, such as an electronic archive, immediate query resolution and faster reconciliation. The case study features Cheshire Building Society, Ecology Building Society and Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.


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Fact Sheets

Cheque Image Processing: Corporate Fact Sheet

The C&CCC is currently looking at the future cheque image processing. This fact sheet explains what corporate customers might expect.

Cheque Processing Fact sheet

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